Organic restaurant “Der Schützenwirt“ – dedicated to purity

Eating organic food in Salzburg: Enjoying authentic and regional products

The decision to run our organic restaurant in Salzburg wasn’t only due to gastronomic considerations. We believe in certain principles which are reflected in our culinary art and in everything we do.

The philosophy of our restaurant “Der Schützenwirt“ in Salzburg is above all the respectful and considerate treatment of nature, humans and animals. This is the guideline of our organic restaurant. We live sustainability with passion and have a sense for fine tastes.

Relishing a conviction: organic or vegan in Salzburg at “Der Schützenwirt“

With our products at “Der Schützenwirt“, we’re trying to countersteer the trend of exploiting nature and reducing it to the short-sighted needs of modern civilisation. We aim to counterbalance this trend by avoiding long transport journeys and by choosing our products mindfully. Our motto: Start with small changes, not with big gestures.

By the way, our restaurant in Salzburg can be seen in a larger context. We are part of the “Kulturzentrum St. Jakob”, where cultural events take place regularly.

Furthermore, we share the building with the “Paracelsus School” for children with special needs and needs for personal treatment. These three components – hospitality, culture and social welfare – are part of our image.

There are many reasons to let yourself be spoilt at our organic restaurant „Der Schützenwirt“. The excellent cuisine – organic and/or vegan, Salzburg’s delightful surroundings or just the simple fact to have found a restaurant in Salzburg that doesn’t only serve delicious meals, but also lives their convictions.