Celebrate events – enrich life with special delights

„Der Schützenwirt “– your restaurant in Salzburg for unique moments

Let’s celebrate – if you have something to celebrate you are very welcome in our organic gourmet restaurant. No matter if a family event, a baptism, a wedding or a corporate celebration – the “Schützenwirt-Team” will do everything they can to make it an unforgettable event.

Our excellent organic cuisine of our gourmet restaurant in Salzburg will be appreciated by the lovers of sophisticated dishes and also friends of our traditional cuisine. The restaurant offers seating for up to 80 guests in a location full of atmosphere. Furthermore, our idyllic location by the pond of St. Jakob, not far away from the church, creates a picturesque ambience for harmonious events and celebrations.

It’s not always about giant events: Connoisseurs also appreciate small celebrations during everyday life

Every visit is a small celebration at the “Schützenwirt”! We are a famous destination for excursions in Salzburg - visitors can enjoy hiking and taking a walk around the pond, meeting before the “Salzburg Festival” or catching up with friends and family for a culinary delight.

Over the past years we have evolved into one of the most charming restaurants in Salzburg because of our excellent organic cuisine. "Der Schützenwirt" is a perfect place to let yourself be spoilt with our culinary offers - that is also what we understand as celebrating!

Are you searching for a restaurant in Salzburg in order to celebrate an event or are you searching for a destination for a nice excursion? Then the "Schützenwirt" St. Jakob is the perfect location for all occasions. Our team is waiting for your reservation!